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Alyssa is so much more than a wedding photographer. She is part wedding planner, part florist and fully able to handle whatever you need from her on your special day. Her photography skills are unrivaled and her creativity with shots will have you admiring her work for the rest of your life. For a day as important as this, don't have any regrets and hire Alyssa today! We had her travel to Havana, Cuba with us for our special celebration and she was a blast to have around and her photos are incredible. In addition to the photos she put together a short video for us and provided everything in a timely and professional manner. Hiring Alyssa was the best decision we made for that day (besides, you know, picking each other!) and we will forever appreciate her work!


Alyssa's extreme generosity is matched only by her ability to catch all of the intricate beauty of a wedding day, in what seemed like a pretty effortless way. She went out of her way to capture detail- small and large, make us both feel comfortable, and deliver incredible images far sooner than either of us expected them! On the day of our wedding, I felt like she was more than just a photographer (sounds cliché but I mean it!), she was a fiercely committed bridal advocate that any guy or gal would want running around their venue! One of the most notable moments of our day was sneaking down the road for a moment of solitude and a chance to capture photos of just the two of us. This ended with all 3 of us standing in a marsh, feet black with mud, and a damp wedding dress. Needless to say, we were grateful to Alyssa for being willing to get a little dirty, she is truly a team-player. I couldn't recommend her highly enough. 



While Alyssa is advertised as a "photographer", a more fitting description is "the glue that makes the whole wedding process/day possible".  We could not have been more fortunate to have Alyssa with us from engagement photos to our wedding day.  From the start, it was clear to us that Alyssa had the rare talent of not only capturing our quirks as a couple but making them look good in the process! No detail went unappreciated by her lens. She made photos a fond part of our wedding day that we will always be thankful for. While most photographers believe their role is to capture the best memories of your day, Alyssa will make your best memories look even better while making you smile a little bigger when you see the considerable amount of care she puts into each photo.  As if Alyssa’s talent with the camera is not enough to be grateful for already, she has the patience, creativity, joyful spirit, and willingness to do whatever it takes to make your wedding day brighter without skipping a beat.  On top of flying out to Colorado, Alyssa worked tirelessly to serve us and eliminate all stress with a smile on her face the entire the day - even when my car got pulled over on the way to the ceremony! We cannot thank her enough for making our wedding day as special as she did with her presence alone.  We hope to have Alyssa photograph our next milestone as she made this event perfect.  There are simply not enough words to describe how highly we recommend her!



     Before I was even engaged, the only thing I knew I for sure wanted in my wedding was to have Alyssa photograph it; I shamelessly booked her months before Konrad proposed and I am SO glad I did. Working with her was everything I hoped it be: both creative and breezy. I trusted Alyssa to capture the day beautifully without needed me to worry about anything. She brings a joy with her that is incredible; she is present, attentive, and sincerely right-there-in-the-moment with you savoring this precious day. I cannot recommend her enough!



     We lucked out so much in finding Alyssa to be our wedding photographer. She traveled to us in northern California, and was such a gem and a pleasure to work with. The best thing about her work is that her photos are high quality, while still being very unique and interesting in their style and composition. She is also very “no fuss” as a photographer, and shot our wedding solo without setting up complicated and over-involved equipment. She shot the ceremony and afterparty in a very seamless way, slipping us away for some couple shots here and there, but was incredibly efficient and deliberate, so we could focus on our celebration and our guests. She has good instincts, is very proactive, and got all the shots we asked for. Alyssa was also so fun to chat and hang out with during photos, and when she photographed the women getting ready in the wedding suite. It is no wonder she is in such high demand for her work!



     Working with Alyssa was hands down the easiest and best decision we made in our entire wedding planning process. The organic, rich and moody aesthetic of her beautiful photography speaks for itself, and her easygoing and encouraging demeanor makes even the most camera-shy couple feel (and look!) like total rockstars. While Alyssa’s skill behind the camera is what led us to her, it’s the person she is beyond her photos that made working with her such an incredible experience. Alyssa has a true talent for all things wedding, and a heart big enough to share that passion and knowledge with her clients. If you want a photographer who will double as a florist, a bridal gown consultant, a therapist, and a friend, hire this amazing human. I will always be grateful to Alyssa for the special moments she captured so honestly and beautifully, for being a badass boss lady and a serious style inspiration, and for playing such a big role in making our big day so special. I’m looking forward to so many more of life’s moments memorialized through Alyssa’s lens.



     Working with Alyssa was an absolute dream! She was quick to respond during our initial correspondence. Everything that I had dreamed up for our wedding came true. Her flower work was exquisite. She put so much time, effort and care into the flowers. Her photos captured every moment of the day so that anyone who looked at them would not only feel as though they were there but could feel the love and happiness from the day. She was so easy to work with, and her direction during pictures could make even the most non-photogenic look natural and good. I cannot thank her enough! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!



     Easiest review I’ve had to write in a while! My wife and I are from Kelowna British Columbia, Canada. This past summer, we were lucky enough to have Alyssa travel 3,000 kilometers from Michigan to spend a few days in our home town where we got married. I’ll admit, at first I was a bit skeptical about hiring a photographer all the way from Michigan, but looking back after the wedding, hiring Alyssa was one of the best decisions we made. Not only did Alyssa produce amazing and beautiful photos, but she was so easy going, accommodating and a ton of fun. My wife and I are pretty laid back and it was refreshing to work with someone that complimented us so well, while providing us with some of the best pictures I have ever seen. Alyssa took into account our ideas, locations and envisions for the photos, then put her own stamp on it, making everything that much better. The entire process from start to finish was so easy and comfortable with her. She has a way of making everything feel so natural. Looking at the photos a couple of months after the wedding, I was surprised to see the moments she was able to capture because in the moment, I didn’t even notice her taking the photos at all! My wife and I would 100% use Alyssa again! We wouldn’t have changed a thing.



     Using Alyssa for our day, was one of the best decisions we made. We live in Arizona and were married in Michigan, so we didn’t have the chance for much face to face contact with Alyssa prior to the morning of the wedding and I really didn’t give Alyssa any direction or input into what we wanted captured for the day. We had to cancel our rehearsal due to storming( it was an outdoor venue and ceremony) and the morning of the wedding was still storming so it was “all hands on deck” as we scrambled to set up. It was not the peaceful, relaxing morning I envisioned as a bride, but Alyssa was an absolute god send. She stepped right in, knew exactly what she was doing and what she needed to get good shots, without any direction. She kept us on schedule, and was efficient in getting pictures naturally. My bridal party kept commenting on how easy and fun getting pictures was. I had also asked Alyssa to do some floral, and she went completely above and beyond. She made several options for the bridal floral crown to I made sure to find one I liked, and she ended up decorating more of our ceremony “just because” and it was beautiful. Alyssa was key in making our day run smoothly, and her presence put me at ease knowing our day would be captured beautifully. She is passionate about her work and it shows in the care and attention to detail in her work. Outside of her professionalism and beautiful work, she was so fun, easygoing and felt like a part of our family/friends throughout the day. I would (and have) recommended her to several friends and family who have used her and they have been as equally impressed with her work.



     Alyssa was an absolute dream to work with. We knew we had to have her as our wedding photographer the day we met for our engagement shoot. She was so effortless, sweet, and down-to-earth. Aside of her easy-going personality, we knew her style was truly special. She found unique spots to take pictures of us as we walked the streets of downtown Chicago. She did this at our wedding, as well! Some of our favorite images from our wedding day are the ones where she used her creative eye to use different parts of the city as our backdrop. Our wedding party, friends, and family were blown away by her work! The moments she captured on our wedding day are ones we will forever treasure, and we feel so incredibly lucky to have had her as our wedding photographer. We would love to work with her again in the future. She has our highest recommendation!



     We finally put together our wedding photo book and I cried the whole way through it. Alyssa captured our day so perfectly. She catches the pretty details you worked so hard on and the special little moments that your memory has since forgotten about. She sees things in a different and beautiful way, and her images are unique because of it. She has photographed us as an expecting couple as well, and our photos are truly unique and truly beautiful. Whatever event it is that she’s capturing, she is so happy to be there and giving it her all. We are in love with our photographs from Alyssa and will recommend her a million times over!



     It was an absolute joy to work with Alyssa for our engagement and wedding pictures. I'll admit, I was a little nervous about being in front of the camera for our engagement shoot. Alyssa has such a kind, calming presence we instantly felt like we were hanging out with a longtime friend. We were able to relax and be ourselves. She did such a great job capturing our love for one another, our hometown and that golden evening light that we all love so much! Alyssa was amazing on our wedding day. Not once during our wedding day did we feel stressed and Alyssa played a big part in making that possible. It down poured for four hours between the start of our ceremony and the start of our reception. Alyssa was completely unfazed by the weather. She came prepared with backup lenses that proved useful when the original lenses fogged up. She stood out in the rain more than once to get the perfect shot. That is one of our favorite memories from our wedding day because of Alyssa's 'go-with-the-flow attitude.' We had so much fun running around in the rain and finding cool backdrops. We had a large wedding party and Alyssa never gave the impression that she was overwhelmed by our group. She so beautifully captured everyone in those candid celebratory moments, as well as the quiet, intimate ones. We received so many compliments from friends and family about how wonderful she was! I would recommend Alyssa a million times. Choosing to work with her was one of the best decisions we made during the wedding planning process.



     We had a fantastic experience with our photographer, Alyssa. For starters, she came out to Okinawa, Japan for our engagement pictures. And then she made our special day in Michigan absolutely momentous by capturing its magic. Both times, she put our nerves or awkwardness at ease. Her bubbly nature made picture taking a breeze, too. We were awestruck by our photos, and we are still incredibly thankful that we have pictures to tell a thousand words of our love story.

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We don’t have words for how grateful we are for working with Alyssa. She’s the ideal wedding photographer; capturing the truest emotions of the moment without forcing them to happen for the camera. Being such an easy-going and enthusiastic person, we immediately felt at ease with her, and sharing our most vulnerable selves with her felt so easy to do. She was always there to catch every meaningful moment without somehow ever being visible in the room. I had imagined a wedding photographer would feel like a stranger wandering around through our wedding day, and instead Alyssa was like a cloud breezing through. The results are a stunning collection of photographs - rich in emotion, beautiful in composition. Her eye for detail is so impeccable - when you work so hard as a couple to make the wedding visually beautiful, it’s so validating to have it photographed by someone who truly appreciates it. Also, as a human, she’s just a lovely, glowing, calm presence to have in what could sometimes be a hectic environment. We clutch our hearts when we look at these photographs. Alyssa gave us something priceless, a tangible connection to memories that will last a lifetime.



Jess and I could not have asked for a better photographer to capture our special weekend. We still pinch ourselves when we look at our wedding photos - just to make sure we aren't dreaming! As our wedding approached she checked in with us to make sure she knew exactly what we were looking for in our wedding photography. Once the weekend came, she knew the exact moments to sneak us away for some intimate and sweet portraits and was always in the right spot for those spur-of-the-moment surprises during the ceremony and reception. She also went above and beyond in capturing every little detail - from the special touches of our venue to the jewelry that Jess wore as she walked down the aisle. We feel incredibly lucky to have had Alyssa photograph our wedding and hope we get a chance to hire her when we renew our nuptials down the road! 



     Working with Alyssa could not have been any better! Not only is she incredibly talented probably the best part, she made an awkward girl like me feel totally comfortable in front of the camera! Alyssa is warm, easy going, silly and has an eye for the most beautiful moments. On my wedding day I was able to sit back and relax and let her do her thing! My pictures are somehow more beautiful than I even remember my wedding day being! She is simply the BEST!



Alyssa McElheny is SO incredibly talented! I've known for years that I wanted her to be my wedding photographer. She made our day so special and captured it in a way no one else could. Alyssa has a unique style and a love for photography and always puts her clients first. Not only did Alyssa do our photography, she did all of our greenery including bouquets, the church and the entire greenhouse! The hours she spent helping to make our day so special do not go unnoticed. We highly recommend using Alyssa for all of your photography or floral needs! 



Where do we even begin? We honestly cannot say enough about Alyssa. While going through our pictures, it is as if we are back in the tent on the day of the wedding. They bring back every emotion that we felt that day and we couldn't ask for anything more. She has an incredible way about her that makes you feel as though you've been friends with her for years, which was so comforting the day of the wedding. She is unbelievably talented, a total professional, and a genuinely kind person. We have already recommended her to friends and family and will absolutely continue to do so. Everyone deserves to have the experience we did and we owe it all to Alyssa. We are so grateful! We worked with a lot of vendors the day of the wedding, but none of them even compare!



     It’s easy to find someone who knows how to take a picture, what’s hard is finding a genuine, kind and devoted soul who also happens to be a master of her craft. We were fortunate enough to have Alyssa take our engagement photos and wedding photos, and can’t rave about our time with her or the photos we received enough. Her quick smile and vibrant light make her a natural at making ANY subject feel comfortable in front of the camera (nothing posed or awkward) and she is an expert at capturing not just the intentional, but the precious fleeting moments in between. We will treasure our engagement + wedding photos for a lifetime to come, and will certainly be hiring her for every future monumental life occasion!



     Alyssa creates magic - our wedding photos were incredible and leaves a lump in my throat whenever I open our album. For our Detroit Institute of Arts wedding in October 2017, Alyssa was my first "vendor" I selected and I had already written the check before we had set an official date. With a wildly kind talented eye, her images are dramatic, editorial and belong on every boho-style bridal page in print and online. Her work is of such high caliber, and she remained professional throughout our day, capturing the most warm and lovely images that my husband and I treasure.



     When I was looking for a wedding photographer, I wanted to find someone that could capture our day in a real way - full of life. Looking at her pictures, this piece of Alyssa's talent is quite obvious - her photos clearly belong in a magazine, or hung as art on your wall (which we have done with several of her photos). Working with her is where the real magic happens. I honestly have no idea how she does it. My husband and I are not models by any means, and he especially feels quite uncomfortable in front of a camera. This panicked me for our wedding day, so I knew I needed someone that could guide and direct us in a non-static way. From the first second we met her, she made us feel SO comfortable, like we had always been friends. In an environment that seems impossible to shoot, Alyssa manages to find the spots and angles that create pure perfection. I always walk away from a session feeling confident that her work will be beautiful - and it always is. We intentionally booked our wedding day based on Alyssa's availability, and it was the best decision I made (second to marrying my best friend) for capturing gorgeous memories that will be passed on to our children someday.



     Alyssa and her photography are unmatched. Her style is completely her own, yet every event she photographs is completely in tune to the personal style of whoever she’s working with that day. To put it simply: she’ll get you. You’ll book her for her gorgeous natural photos and obvious talent, but for Alyssa, that’s not even close to where it stops. My husband and I were lucky enough to have her photograph our wedding, so from personal experience, here’s how it all goes down: She’ll get to know you, so well that when your big day has finally arrived, it feels like she’s a close friend who just so happens to snap a photo your way every so often. She’ll be squealing right along with your bridesmaids when you put on your dress, she might even tear up during your vows, and she makes it so natural that you’ll hardly even know she’s there during your first look. All of this contributes to photos that are you. Photos that matter. Photos you’ll look at twenty years down the road and they’ll still be as meaningful as the moment they were taken. I’d book Alyssa over and over again for any and all photo needs, not just because I know the images will be beautiful, but also because I know she cares about them just as much as I do.



     One of the things I was most excited about leading up to our wedding day was finally meeting Alyssa in person. I found her on Instagram over a year and a half before my wedding and was blown away by her aesthetic and the composition of her photos. I immediately knew I wanted to see my day and vision through her lens and was ecstatic when she immediately responded and said she was available that weekend. With us living in different states it was definitely a unique situation having not met prior to the wedding day, but I had complete trust and confidence that she was the perfect choice for us. Each wedding she posted leading up to my day only increased my anticipation and excitement to work with her! Lucky for me, Alyssa is also an amazing florist and she did all the flowers for my wedding day. I can’t even begin to describe how well she was able to execute my floral dreams and beyond! The amount of work she put into our flowers was astounding. She was the first one to arrive at our wedding venue on rehearsal day and she was the last one to finish working that night. Every single person commented on how beautiful my floral arrangements were. On the day of the wedding, Alyssa made picture-taking a breeze. I was always nervous about photos taking up too much time during my wedding day and that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself. This was ABSOLUTELY NOT the case when we worked with Alyssa. She was so easy going and offered great direction to keep things flowing smoothly and on time. I also appreciated all of the candid photos she was able to capture throughout the day and enjoyed seeing my family & friends having a blast! I really feel like I hit the jackpot with Alyssa and highly recommend her to all future brides, couples, families & more!  I can’t thank you enough for capturing the memories of a lifetime that I will be able to cherish forever!



     Alyssa is everything you want in a wedding photographer. Her work is creative, imaginative, and detail-oriented. She is passionate, enthusiastic, and committed. She captures every hidden glance, every soft touch, and every stolen breath within each important moment. Her photos perfectly encapsulate every moment of bliss that you remember and a million other precious moments you never even knew occurred! She is kind and thoughtful and easy-going. Nothing ever felt forced or uneasy. She is natural and reassuring. Having her photograph our wedding was one of the best decisions we made. She felt like a best friend even though I didn’t know her and cannot recommend her enough! She was an absolute delight on our wedding day and her photos are absolutely stunning! She truly makes the magic happen. 



     Alyssa is a complete gem! Not only does she have a beautiful vision and produce amazing photos; she makes the whole process pleasant and unique to you.
She is attentive and responsive and was all around lovely to work with. She isn't shy about caring for the details which is obviously important. My husband and I hired Alyssa for our engagement and wedding; photos were important to us, but we are admittedly awkward so we were initially nervous about the whole process. Good thing Alyssa is super down to earth and made us feel completely at ease during both our engagement and wedding shoots. She's great at giving high direction in an effortless manner while shooting which makes the whole process light-hearted and fun. After our wedding we were ready to hire her to just follow us throughout life and constantly take our photos. I can't say enough great things about Alyssa - she's definitely someone you want behind the lens for whatever the occasion; you can tell she truly loves what she does!


     Alyssa was our photographer for our wedding back in January and we are so happy we chose her! She was very professional and easy to communicate with and her energy on our wedding day was so positive and nice to be around. She was also very efficient with our time which allowed for a little extra down time with our bridal party before the ceremony. We got our preview photos back the day after our wedding and LOVED them. Very high quality and so many for a preview! I really can’t say enough nice things about Alyssa and her work.


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